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There is no denying that Rainbow Riches slots are insanely popular, they have been around for many years and are pretty much the standard when it comes to Irish themed slot games – play Shamans Dream here. Every year they release brand new slots.

Who are Rainbow Riches? 

The very first Rainbow Riches release was developed by a company called Barcret. It was released in the mid 2000’s and proved to be insanely popular. So much so that it almost became a codifier for how future Irish themed slots would be designed. Eventually Barcrest was bought out by a company called SC Gaming, although they kept their name. SC Gaming had the money and resources to invest in more Rainbow Riches releases, which meant that players would be seeing a lot more Rainbow Riches titles over the next few years. Today, it is uncommon to find an online casino which doesn’t have at least a few Rainbow Riches slots for players to enjoy. There are many different variations of Rainbow Riches for players to enjoy, no matter what mood they are in. Some focus more on providing fun bonus features whilst others focus solely on providing the best winning potential for the player.

Why Should I Play Their Slots? 

There are many reasons why players should play Rainbow Riches slot games. As some of the most popular slots ever released, Rainbow Riches slots have a lot to offer players. 

  1. There is a huge variety to choose from! The Rainbow Riches saga covers a whole lot of slot games, there truly is something for everyone. Some Rainbow Riches types focus on specific features such as free spins or a wheel while others use a specific game mechanic such as Megaways.
  2. The instantly recognisable Irish theme is often duplicate in other slot games but it is never done better than a Rainbow Riches slot. There is just something about the design and sound effects of Rainbow Riches slots that make them stand out from other Irish themed slots. 

Best Rainbow Riches Slots 

There have been many Rainbow Riches releases over the years, the following are some of the best. 

  •       Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is an exciting variation on the classic Rainbow Riches formula, players can pick the features of the slot themselves! The game also has a big bet feature which promises to bring massive wins.
  •       Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home offers a unique spin as it takes players directly into the home of the lucky leprechauns. If the beautiful design doesn’t entice you, the slot also offers a host of features such as wilds and big bets.
  •       Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours is a slot which is suited toward those who have a larger bankroll. The slot has a generous but pricey big bet spins which can give the player massive wins! 

Final Thoughts 

Rainbow Riches keep adding quality titles to their already impressive list of games. With an ever increasing variety of slot games and more bonus features to enjoy, Rainbow Riches shows no signs of slowing down.